Friday, March 4, 2011

SIP will be back soon!

SIPSTERS! Have you been wondering where SIP has been? SIP has been taking some time off to work on itself and an added enhancement to the site. We hope to re-launch VERY SOON, and to kick things off, we'll make the first update an INTERNATIONAL edition. Thank you for your continued support (we're still receiving pictures all the time, and they are GRRRRRRRRRREAT! THANK YOU!). Look forward to reconnecting with you! KEEP ON SIP-ing! :o)

What were Buzz Lightyear and his friend [you tell me who he is!] doing in a popular clubbing destination of London in a random early September night? [UBER] Early Halloween party? Preparing to save the world? Apparently, just taking a stroll and window-shopping!

Friday, February 26, 2010

And the WINNER [of the 1st Caption Contest] IS........

Nii with: "I promise, they're not so bad if you just suck on them..."


ALL the entries were OUTSTANDING and I'd like to THANK all those who participated. There will be a Caption Contest EVERY OTHER WEEK, so please keep entering!

THANK YOU to all those who voted! We received a great amount of responses through our survey, and Nii's entry won with 32% of all the votes, on top of being the leader of "2nd favorites."


Our runner up was Jenn with: "I like my snacks the way I like my men,"

and our 2nd runner up was one of SIP's newest Fans, Ariel, with the contest's FIRST entry: "When you want to party 'til your nuts catch on fire."

Again, THANK YOU, and please stay tuned for the next Caption Contest.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I promise, they're not so bad if you just suck on them...

Thank you ALL who submitted entries for this, our FIRST Caption Contest! To see ALL the entries, check out the "Comments" section of this post!

THANK YOU SO MUCH AREL for this his first contribution to the site! You're now officially a SIPster.


If it's "FOR A REASON" I wanna know which, tell me, please!

Flowers have feelings too!

The London cold proved too much for these flowers, and they were taken inside to keep them warm...!

When and where?

I'm ready... THANK YOU NADINE, amazingly faithful SIPster and contributor, for yet another gem! Stay snapping what you see!

Deeeeeeeeez Nuts!

Truck owners everywhere enjoy dressing up their cars -- they all got balls! Left balls belong to a DC truck, which are certainly quite frozen balls, Right balls belong to a NY truck. This double-feature was made possible by the one and only La ParLatina ( THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!

You're not lying!

Advocates of license plates for color-blind police officers everywhere are digging this driver's concept.


London Metro: Nobody in their right minds could try to steal such a humongous fan. It's okay to let it out of the cage!

See the individual at the [driver's side] window!

If you've got any complaints, drive up to the car and submit them with the driver!

Serenity now -- no spell-check included!

Still a great network name! haha.

Bark if you're having one!

What you don't see that I couldn't capture in the picture? THE DOG hanging off the side of the car!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Consumption Confusion

Confucious says: Fried Chicken + Chinese Food + Louisiana Style = WHAT?!
Thank you Mindy for your first - and legendary - contribution... Welcome to the SIPster family!

Whaaaatt???... Okkkaaayyyyyy... Yeaaaaah!!!!!!

Thank you to Rich for contributing with yet another great snap -- You're a true SIPster!

Black Eyed Peas aren't your only Boom Service Providers!

Prince Lumber can satisfy all your Boom needs......

"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy."

Huge thanks for this first-time contribution from --> Make sure to check out that awesome site!!

Full of LuxAry, full of spelling mistakes.

Spell-check before mass-printing your company's stickers?!

Kenny Chesney's GF listens to [shocker alert]: KENNY CHESNEY!

Submitted by faithful SIPster Nadine ( Thank you for yet another awesome submission!

Leave it to [the] Beaver [Believer]

Best.T-Shirt.EVER to stay entertained in JFK. His religious beliefs are RIGHTEOUS! PREACH!!

Yes ma'am!

It's SO appropriate that my most food-obsessed SIPster B. Yip would snap this gem! Thank you for your first contribution! I hope it's not your last :o)

R. Kelly's favorite Coffee Shop in Baltimore

I couldn't help but read "Piss in a Cup" -- I know, my mind is in the gutter. It's because I was in Baltimore.


Blatant lies. Who's gone walking? You're driving!

Learning to park might help

See the awesome crushing action on the left side of the car? I'd venture to say it might be related to the brutal failure of this person's parking abilities (as can be seen on the right!).

No girls?!

Guess not.

London's Bounty

Who needs Bounty when you can have Plenty? London is RIGHT UP THERE with their replacement products! (snapped at Sainsbury's in London). I had to do a double-take!

SOTU msg = YS WI [hopefully] CN!!

In honor of this month's STATE OF THE UNION.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At least if it was during Halloween....

Otherwise, I'm having a hard time figuring out a 50+ woman with purple hair and business clothing!


I wonder if she gave birth to the entire Army... Do people ever think that you might be disclosing too much information with so much stuff on your car? I mean... I know where your children went (go?) to school (High School AND College), that your son is in the army, that you vacation in the Outer Banks in NC, that you have at least one dog... I'd just like your SS# now, please... thank you!

How do you want it?

Next time, I'll say "soft and tender" and see if the waitress writes that down on the bill!

Unitarians got a sense of HUMOR!

Or at the very least, they definitely know how to speak internet short-hand. I thought the plate was asking me if I was crazy...